As promised last week here’s my take on this old western classic The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

I remember watching this movie as a kid back in the days and feeling like an outlaw cowboy but I never really understood what was happening in the movie. Then we just watched it for the action which compared with movies these days was very limited. 

So this was the first time (last week) I’d watched it as an adult and actually understood the plot. It’s quite a simple plot, they find out there’s a huge amount of money buried somewhere with each of the three of them having only a piece of the information of the location. The rest of the movie is just them trying to get to the money. I don’t like to give much away when talking about movie plots cos I think it ruins the movie when you already know exactly what happened before you’ve even seen it. 

There’s some conniving and betrayals as you’d expect from a western and you’ll have to watch to see it. The movie had very little dialogue though, feels like the script would’ve been about two pages. That said, a movie like that didn’t need a lot of talking they spoke with their action. 

In all it was a good movie but it was too damn long – 3hrs – and I felt it could’ve done with a lot more gunfights.