Inception, a Martin Scorsese film staring his favourite actor Leonardo DiCaprio. A movie about a group of thieves that steal ideas from people’s minds. So they kidnap you, put you to sleep and then enter your dream and steal the idea they want from your mind. 

It gets a bit complicated when they have to plant an idea in their targets mind this time – inception. So they make the mark dream in his dream and then dream again in the dream of the first dream he was dreaming. Confused? You’re not alone, I was so confused the first time I went to see it at the cinema. I went with a couple of friends to see the movie and they were as lost as I was. One of the guys felt he got it until we asked him to explain. Lol. 

So I watched it a second time, and I finally got and it’s a quite intelligent idea (I think) having the ability to plant and steal ideas from anyone’s mind. So if you’ve seen it before and didn’t get it at all, I’d advise you see it again and maybe you’ll like it..or not. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think of the movie and please like & share