Commando movie poster

I like going back to watch movies I enjoyed as a kid. Back then we didn’t really get the story line we just knew who the good guy was (we called them actor) and the bad guy was (we called them boss). Of cos Arnold Schwarzenegger was the “actor” and Charmed star Alyssa Milano played his daughter.

So watching it back now I understand the story behind all the shooting. To be honest, I didn’t really care for the storyline I was just waiting for the shooting to start. And it did, it was loud, many people died, the “actor” killed them all, the “actor” also killed the “boss”, the “actor” got his daughter back and I loved it. Just like it says on the poster, “somewhere, somehow, someone’s going to pay”.

The special effects sucked though, it really sucked. I guess the effects suck now compared to the ones in recent movies now.

I noticed the dialogue was very limited as well but then again I doubt anyone would want Schwarzenegger rambling on. Great movie still..loved it

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